Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Against His Will

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my selection this week. I love getting your feedback. The writing life can be an isolated one at times. Your comments keep me from feeling as though I’m talking to myself.

The number of 6 Sentence Sunday participants seems to be growing every week. If you haven’t already done so, check out the 6 Sunday site. There are lots of talented writers for you to choose from.

In my selection this week, Isabelle has grown increasingly uncomfortable as the days go by with no word what job duties are expected of her. She decides to meet with Dr. Garrick, the man who hired her, and offer her resignation. However, the interview does not go as she had planned.

The following excerpt is an abridged version of the conversation between Isabelle and Dr. Garrick. She has just told him she believes Mr. Nashe, her employer, would prefer for her to leave.

A Bed of Thorns and Roses #7

“It doesn’t matter what he prefers. We must do what is best for him.”

Isabelle was certain her employer had reached the age of majority and that, legally, he could not be forced to act against his will.

“I cannot render my service if he doesn’t allow it.”

“I will see that he allows it, Miss Tate. And I have no intention of releasing you from your contract.”

 *     *     *

It may not sound like it from this little snippet, but the doctor is actually one of the good guys. He has a story of his own which is bound up with that of the hero and heroine. Would you like to hear from him next week, or should I give you more of Jonathan and Isabelle?


  1. This snippet is intriguing. You're right that the doctor seems kind of like an "it's for your own good (or maybe the hero's own good)" parent-like figure. Can't wait for more.

    Great six!

    Cherie Marks

  2. oooh What will happen? Now I need to know more! Great six!

  3. Whatever you choose, I'm just dying of curiosity for more! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Sondra! What an interesting snippet! I've been reading so many neat "Six Sentence Sundays" that I've decided to join in the fun! Stop by, if you want!

    Amy Durham

  5. You've definitely got my attention. this raises a lot of questions!