Friday, September 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Beyond Mortal Knowledge

Hello, everyone, and welcome. For those of you who are new to my site, I hope you will like what you find and come back for more. And for those of you who are visiting again, I'm so glad you're back.

Sign-up day for Six Sentence Sunday actually begins on Tuesday at 6 p.m. I am of a certain age and sometimes need memory aids, which is why people at work must wonder why I have “6SS” inked on my wrist every Tuesday. But this week I forgot the ink and life got a little crazy and suddenly it was Thursday and I realized I’d almost forgotten! That would have been a big disappointment, because I look forward to sharing with you every week and having you share your comments back.

I also look forward to reading the other writers’ Sunday contributions. There is such a variety of style and imagination--but I’m sure you know that already, even if you’ve sampled only a few of the 6SS offerings.

This week I’m continuing with an excerpt from my work in progress, The King’s Witch. The book is intended as a short (for me) prequel to my fantasy romance series, The World of Pangaea. The witch is not a main character in the series, but she is pivotal in Book I and a catalyst for the heroine’s actions in Book II. It seemed only fair to tell at least part of her story.

The excerpt I’ve chosen is from the first chapter. The new king wants to purge his kingdom of the evil loosed on it by his father, a man who sought power by turning to the dark arts. The witch’s brother has come forward on her behalf to beseech the king to spare her life. As he begins her story, the first words out of his mouth trigger unpleasant memories for the king. 

The King’s Witch, Excerpt #2

“Our mother died giving birth to her.”

Armander grunted his lack of surprise at this last. Evil usually broke the vessel that bore it. All but one of his siblings died within weeks of birth, most taking their mothers with them. An idiot brother survived until his twelfth year, drooling and shitting himself to the end. Why the dark gods had spared him to become his father’s successor was beyond mortal knowledge.

*     *     *
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  1. Still powerful and strong! Love how you merge the magic with the happenings - very well done. :)

  2. powerfully written with intricately woven details. great job!

  3. nicely threaded in details, very creepy and sad. Nice six!

  4. Armander has his work cut out for him shaping up this kingdome. He can do it! Great six!

  5. Sondra - Really enjoyed this 6. The line "evil usually broke the vessel that bore it" was really profound, and I can see how it could prompt many stories!

  6. Very well done atmosphere and set up in a great six!

  7. "Evil usually broke the vessel that bore it." This is great stuff Sondra.

  8. Very interesting world-building, and you inserted it well without it feeling too heavy :)

  9. LOVE IT! I absolutely love it. See you on the show tonight, my darlin'. And I'm quite excited. :-)